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Halfords Offers Up to 50% Reebok Adult Bikes at Halfords
Asda Offers Save 9 off on Pimms at Asda
Superdrug Offers Get your 3 For 2 Offer at Superdrug
Thorntons Offers Save up to 50% off at Thorntons
Office Shoes Offers Save 10% on shoes at Office
Asda Offers Save Over 4 on a Water Filter Jug at Asda
Additions Direct Offers Save 20 on the JML Exakt Circular Saw at Additions Direct
Amazon Offers Dad Taxi Car Sign only 2.99 from Amazon
BandQ Offers 30% off Garden Furniture at B&Q
Whittard Of Chelsea Offers Free Delivery On All Orders at Whittard Of Chelsea
Whittard Of Chelsea Offers 20% off Fresh Coffee at Whittard Of Chelsea
Great Universal Offers Get 60% off at Great Universal
Burton Offers 30% off selected Items For Fathers Day at Burton
Marshall Ward Offers 60% off fashion Items at Marshall Ward
Marks and Spencer Offers Get an Extra 25% off on Top of 50% off Selected Departments at M&S
Argos Offers Save up to third on TVs at Argos
Argos Offers Save Half Price on Cameras at Argos
Penguin UK Offers Save 40% on the The Complete Cosmicomics from Penguin UK
Halfords Offers Cheap Mountain Bike Front Wheel Quick Release silver from Halfords
Miss Selfridge Offers Get 40% off the Black And Gold Bead Studs from Miss Selfridge
Halfords Offers Massive Savings on the Halfords Blind Spot Replacement Mirror Glass BS445 from Halfords
Wallis Offers Get 70% off the Animal Cowl Dress from Wallis
JD Sports Offers Get 15% off the McKenzie Denim Augusta Tee from JD Sports
Trueshopping Offers Buy the 12v Quartz Halogen Hand Lamp at Trueshopping Offers Best Saving on the ABRSM Selected Piano Exam Pieces 2009 2010 Grade 5 Book Only at
Miss Selfridge Offers Buy the Mid Paper Bag Short at Miss Selfridge
Halfords Offers Save 10% on the Halfords Screws and Nuts at Halfords
hmv Offers Save 40% on the Mega Resort Pack at hmv
Dorothy Perkins Offers Get Money off the Black suede slouch boots at Dorothy Perkins
Penguin UK Offers Get 15% off the Angelina And the Princess from Penguin UK
Halfords Offers Huge Savings on the Bosch 52 Super Plus Spark Plug from Halfords
Halfords Offers Save 40% on the SIP Weldmate T90P Gasless at Halfords
Penguin UK Offers 20% off the Selected Tales from Penguin UK
Healthy Direct Offers Massive Savings on the Acetyl L Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid 180 tabs at Healthy Direct
hmv Offers Top Savings on the Dj Hero Renegade Edition at hmv
Healthy Direct Offers Huge Savings on the Inner Glow 90 capsules at Healthy Direct
GAME Offers 15% off the Need for Speed ProStreet from GAME
GAME Offers 40% off the Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat with Bongos at GAME
Furniture123 Offers 60% this weekend with Furniture123
Miss Selfridge Offers Save 5 on the Dark Acid Jegging from Miss Selfridge
Dorothy Perkins Offers Indigo Wash Jeggings Now 22 from Dorothy Perkins
Wallis Offers Free Postage and Packaging when you spend over 75 a Wallis
Wallis Offers Black Angled Waistband Jeggings Now 27 at Wallis
GAME Offers Upto 20% off the Aliens Vs Predator from GAME
Halfords Offers 20% off the W4 Fill Up 1 Metre Hose from Halfords
Penguin UK Offers Upto 15% off the Local Heroes at Penguin UK
Penguin UK Offers Top Savings on the Mussolinis Italy at Penguin UK Offers Save 20% on the Sky Spirit at
Halfords Offers Get 10% off the Laser Brake Caliper Key 7mm at Halfords
hmv Offers Save 15% on the Final Fantasy 2 at hmv
Welcome to the Hottest Offers Blog....
Here's where you will find lots of great money saving tips, reviews and ideas to help you get the best deals you can. We're always adding fantastic blog posts to this section of the site, so make sure you come back and check it out frequently.

If you think we're missing anything here please let us know and we'll get right on it, and who knows you might even have something you want us to post for you, get in touch!
Latest blog posts...
- Enjoy Wimbledon With Our Discount Codes - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 26th 2010 09:24
With Fabio Capello’s England team safely through to the second round of the World Cup, following a 1 nil win against Slovenia, our thoughts can return to Wimbledon. The SW19 tournament kicked off on Monday with Andy Murray flying the flag for the Brits.

Whether its strawberries and cream, Pimms, Cliff Richard singing in the rain or....
- Beat the Budget - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 26th 2010 08:42
Earlier This Week, Chancellor George Osborne announced brutal spending cuts and tax rises, to aid the UK’s economic recovery. Mr Osborne warned that years of financial mismanagement by the Labour government had made these measures necessary.

Amongst pay freezes for public sector workers and huge rises in capital gains tax, the Chan....
- Dont Follow Kimberley Walsh Example Try Littlewoods Instead - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 22nd 2010 23:03
Girl s Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh has been busy promoting a Sky documentary about the history and evolution of jeans. The programme which aired on Monday followed the singer as she travelled across America and Europe meeting designers, visiting factories and denim fashion houses.

The most interesting thing about this programme was the....
- How to Find Cheaper Properties - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 20th 2010 00:15
The housing market has battled its way through the recession from late 2008 up until early 2010. The market is still not on its way to prosperity but in the last few months we have seen an increase in houses being put up for sale.  No doubt one of the major reasons that the extra increase has come about is due to the removal of Home Informatio....
- Sandals at Low Prices - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 18th 2010 00:22
With summer in full swing it is a great time to air your feet and wear the latest and trendiest footwear. If you haven’t done so already updating your wardrobe with this year’s trend is a must.  So what’s hot on the footwear scene?

Gladiator-style sandals are in this year with a variety of designs from most retail....
- Get Great Savings On Beauty Regimes - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 18th 2010 00:09
Keeping your skin healthy is not only good for your self esteem but also great for the body.

Drink lots of water

It is good to buy a bottle of water here and there but all the money can add up. Try boiling your water and letting it cool down before you place it in the fridge. You can also get a filter jug (like Brita) which i....
- A Few Ways To Save Money This Summer - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 15th 2010 23:24
So far this summer hasn’t been too bad, the sun has been out for most of the last few weeks and everyone has been having BBQ’s. Summertime tends to be the most expensive time of the year due to summer vacations, entertaining the kids, and just generally hanging out in the warm weather.  This is the time when our money saving hats s....
- Best Promotional Codes This Week 14th June 2010 - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 15th 2010 00:52
Here at hottest offers we want to make your lives easier so we have listed the top ten discount codes for this week starting 14th June 2010.

1) starting us off is Littlewoods, a home directory store made famous by trina and susanna last year. This retailer offers some really competitive prices with the latest trends on the market. Buy a ....
- Save Money by Spending a Little More on Selected Products - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 13th 2010 11:25
It might sound strange but it’s true, occasionally in life it is better to pay that little extra for quality then to buy the cheapest item.  Let me break it down for you.

In the short run buying a cheaper item can keep the initial cost down but there are many instances where the cheaper product could break faster than a more e....
- Fathers Day Discounts Offers - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Jun 12th 2010 10:56
This 20th June marks another year that’s past that we need to give thanks for all the hard work our fathers have done.  Even though it’s a pagan tradition, it’s one in which all the family can enjoy together. If you’re stuck for father’s day ideas hottest offers is here to help.

First of all you have t....
- Skinny Jeans Or Jeggings - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Feb 3rd 2010 23:24
If I had to choose the must have fashion item this year I would choose jeggings. Now if you had asked the same question this time last year the story would have been quite different. Even though I have been a slow adopter of the phenomenon I must admit that once you go down the comfortable path of jegging’s you will not turn back.

- Great Discounts on Evening Dresses - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Dec 21st 2009 22:16

What better time of year than Christmas to glam yourself up and put on that amazing evening party dress that you have been saving all year. Have you ever felt guilty after when you have thought about how much money was spent on that dress only to wear it a few times a year. Well wash away those emotions of guilt as here are a few pointers to fin....

- Fabulous and Frugal Hair Saving Styles - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Dec 11th 2009 23:48
If you are planning on making a statement with your hair at all the upcoming festive parties it will benefit for you to read this article and absorb some of the great tips discussed. Always remember you do not have to break the bank to achieve the killer look you wanted.  Here are a few budget ways of maintaining a healthy head of hair whilst ....
- A Casual Gamers History of Video Games From the 1980s to Present Day - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Dec 7th 2009 23:21
I was a typical child of the 80's growing up my listening to Bros on the radio and being dressed by my mother in some of the ugliest clothes known to have ever existed. My mother for some reason or other had a strange penchant for dressing me in shorts with my sisters hand me down red tights under them. It would have probably been alright had I bee....
- Christmas Presents for Kids - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Dec 7th 2009 22:46
Back when I was a child, Christmas was a time of festivity. A time to relax and enjoy the holiday's with the family. To spend time with the people that matter most in your life, but now it has turned into a huge money making extravaganza. It has turned something that was once about religion into pure consumerism.

Fortunately for all us ....
- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Nov 22nd 2009 22:34
So far every edition of the Call Of Duty franchise has delivered breathtaking and state of the art game-play. The one drawback of the series has been its constant and increasingly annoying return to the World War II era. In came Infinity Ward who rewrote the entire game and in 2007 released what in my own opinion is the best first person multi play....
- Money for old rope - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Nov 5th 2009 18:59
Well piping actually, copper piping. If you have recently moved into a property that needs any plumbing or rewiring done then be sure to keep hold of the old copper. Do not be tempted to let the tradesman take it with them because you might as well be handing them a couple of 50 notes. Copper is currently at it's highest price in years and the old....
- Christmas Ideas for 2009 - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 28th 2009 23:38
Researchers predict that this Christmas more than ever before, consumers will turn to using promotional codes. But only those savvy consumers will know where to look for the best deals on the net.  So if you want to start early and miss the Christmas rush then have a look at a few deals  available at the moment.  

- Get the Autumn Look - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 20th 2009 20:56
As we reach the winter months is most important to keep up with the fashion trends . The autumn/winter months can be rather depressing so is most important you feel good from the inside out. so  here is a selection of hand picked items to have a think about.


This year trench coats are a must and if you don't fancy the trench....

- Read All About It - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 16th 2009 13:51
A few days ago marked the first day off the Evening Standard being free for all London commuters. Just recently the closure of the London paper, one of two popular free sheets in London, was announced and the Evening Standard took the opportunity to fill this void by becoming the next new free paper. Obviously the Standard has always been a pai....
- Samsung Mobile Phones - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 15th 2009 22:32
Samsung phones offer the latest features and capability with the utmost attention to detail. Most of these phones offer hard drive storage through the use of memory cards blue tooth files transfers and some of the best third generation technology.

Here are some popular Samsung mobile phones that can be a found on a range of networks
- Everybody Loves A Discount Code - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 13th 2009 21:23
Ok its obvious everybody loves a discount code, but how far would you go to get your code and are you fooled by codes that don't actually reward you in anyway?

Discount codes, also knows as voucher codes are a massive part of online promotions these days and collective data from a number of high profile sou....
- Free Mobile Phone Anyone - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 13th 2009 00:30
Some of the best phones in the market are available on contract phones and the beauty of these types of deals is, you don't have to pay for the phone upfront. Instead you pay a monthly contract which tend to last between 12 to 24 months.  In the UK market there  are four main competitors, which are Vodafone, Orange, T-mobile and Three. Vo....
- Sky To Launch Digital Download Service - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 12th 2009 20:07
Could iTunes have a new competitor to deal with? On the 19th October it has been rumoured that Sky will launch it's new content channel called Sky Songs. Sky Songs will be a direct digital downloading tool which will make well over 4 million songs available to anyone in the UK with a broadband connection. There are two monthly subscription opt....
- Backbreaker - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 11th 2009 23:20
If you are an iPhone owner then you need to make sure you have got yourself the fantastic app game called backbreaker. The idea of the game is to run with an American football as fast as you can to the end zone without getting tackled by any of the other players out on the pitch. It's such a fantastic game that anyone can play straight away. It uti....
- Dancing to the barn - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 10th 2009 23:59
Wow I cant believe it but I have actually just had one of the best nights in a long time, barn dancing. Can you believe it? Its nuts. So many old people, so many laughs and dinner thrown in for a tiny price, its awesome. There is some moody old lady on the mic who basically she shouts out instructions telling you what to do and if you dare go wrong....
- 20% off at Burton and Dorothy Perkins Tomorrow - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 8th 2009 20:17
After a present for him and for her? Fancy a little treat yourself? Then this is not to be missed. Tomorrow, Friday 9th October 2009, you can get a massive 20% off already heavily discounted prices at both Dorothy Perkins and Burton. This is a on....
- Ways to Get 10% off Everything - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 6th 2009 23:28
Promotional codes can really help you save money but knowing where to find these deals is the key.  The best way to start is through a voucher code website like Hottest offers.  On this website you will find heaps of discounts in one easy to search place.

Promotional codes offer the customer discounts once they hit the checkout....
- 1 2 3 Bungee Go No Wait Ahhh - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 5th 2009 21:34
Im pretty sure bungee jumping is suppose to involve some sort of spring back action, otherwise I guess it would just be call diving right? Well, someone should have told the crazy dude who decided to take bungee jumping to the next level, whether he knew w....
- Does Anyone Buy Posters Anymore - Read More - posted by Hottest Offers on Oct 5th 2009 20:25
I remember when I was a kid, I could spend hours and hours just standing in Woolworths or HMV flicking through the poster rails, you remember the one's with the big white frames and a cheeky page 3 poster in between Boyzone and an image of the

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